Lincoln Berean Church & Gay Marriage: It's Cool

"Now I mentioned last week that this issue of homosexuality is not a gray area. It’s not unclear in the Bible." (Pastor Bryan Clark,Understanding Our Times Whom Do We Worship Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 29/30 August 2015) Which is why Lincoln Berean rolls out the red carpet for gays: "Come as you are." (Lincoln Berean Church, What We Believe,

Just in from the pride parade?  En route to the bathhouse?   "It does not matter to us what your circumstances are or where you've been".  (Lincoln Berean Church, What We Believe,


The Pulse Nightclub was a gay hotspot in Orlando.  (see photo at left)

On 12 June 2016, a religious fanatic hit the establishment, resulting in significant loss of life.  Lincoln Berean immediately swung into action with the very impressive tweet shown at right.

"You're actually imagining, fantasizing, our language, texting, flirting, playing with fire." (Pastor Bryan Clark, Then It Happened Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 28/29 Jan 2017, page 6)

And Pastor Clark pushes you over the line with this theological gem:  "the very first command of the Bible is, “Have sex!"" (Pastor Bryan Clark, Understanding Our Times: A Question of Worldviews Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 22/23 August 2015)


"As a member of the North Platte Berean church, I had gone to the Lincoln website, to get info to give to my son who lives in Lincoln. I feel he needs to get back into a church setting.  When I saw on this church site, that it supports same sex marriages, which is totally against what the Bible teaches, I was shocked!" (Saddened church member, Lincoln Berean Church google+ Review,

Well, yes, it is, but  


“I'm going to be my own god; I'm going to run my own life." (Pastor Bryan Clark, The Gospel Story: God's Wrath Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 22/23 Sep 2012)(see tweet at left)


His sanctuary is thronged with worshipers (as shown at right) eager to see and hear this living and highly personable god, so you'd best arrive early to get a good seat. 

Even though the stage is dark and silent, the musicians are waiting there, all ready to give you possibly the highest quality praise and worship anywhere in Lincoln.

The video screens show the countdown, and then the lights come on and it's full action.

On stage, there is not a weak link in the chain -- all the musicians do a good job.

The songs are very tastefully chosen, but the real miracle is that it's not too loud.  Small children sit with their parents in the front rows, and their ears are never pained.

I loved it.

Even though there's a drummer in the cage, the number of songs presented is limited so you'll not get a headache from the beat.

During the song service, a minister calls for the offering.  Everyone is feeling pretty good about the top quality music that starts right on time.

They understand that it takes money to pay for the beautiful facility.  So they give generously.

After all, "Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." (2 Corinthians 9:7 ESV, Holy Bible) 


When the music is over, after just the right amount, Pastor Bryan Clark walks up on stage, and gives you the kind of sermon you can only dream of in other churches.

He won't waste your time while he looks in his notes to find his next point.  Because he's already memorized and rehearsed his sermon.  Flawless delivery.  Just the right amount of gestures.

He usually preaches for 40 minutes.  A little bit too long for me personally.  But the sermon left me with a good feeling.

Then there's some more music -- just the right amount -- to leave a good taste in your mouth.

None of the large pastoral staff slime all over you.  Pastor Clark is available after the sermon.  At first up front, and then in the foyer.  A lot of people congratulate him.  I did.


The pharisees at North Platte Berean have been after Pastor Clark for welcoming gays in his congregation.

Well, guess what.

Pastor Clark believes that everyone could benefit from hearing the great truths of the Bible.

There are a lot of straight people there, often with their children, and they hear the preaching with gladness.  Same thing goes for the gays, lesbians, intersexed, and bisexual worshipers.

Where else can they hear the gospel in a non-judgmental, loving setting?


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